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Statistical Models

Customised weather and climate research designed to identify and select previous years where the conditions were similar to what is expected in the chosen year. These models calculate the minimum, maximum and mean conditions for your chosen period from daily to a year. Your personal thresholds can be applied to this data to identify specific risk exceedance chances.

Predictive Models

Using proprietary AI techniques based upon the ‘learnt’ behaviour of historical data characterising its historical distribution and predictability to apply a statistical and climate adjusted weighting. The model identifies how useful each piece of data is for each location and time horizon. Insight can be viewed weekly from 3-52 weeks and monthly from month 2-12. Models are retrained monthly with new data and climate research, reviewed prior.

Risk Models

Our Risk Models are designed to alert you of the dangers of Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Volcanic activity and Wildfire at your specified location. Postal/Zipcode specific assessment of tornados and hurricanes with risk category (by severity) are available in tables / graphs / maps weekly and natural disasters including earthquakes and volcanoes are aggregated annually, providing an instant assessment of the likely risk at the time and place of interest.

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